Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Fog

The day after Christmas I looked out and saw fog coming up off of the snow! It was beautiful and I don't think I have ever seen this before. I ran outside with my camera and started taking pictures hoping to be able to get the whiffs of fog floating around but so far I don't have the camera experience for it. I just got a new Nikon 40 and I am fully in love with it but it, not so much with me. It insists that I read the book or it won't do what I want it to do. Years ago I was able to take awesome pictures with my SLR film camera but I have long forgotten all of that. Getting old really sucks the memory right out of me. Damn it! I really think that everything is filed away somewhere in my brain but because I don't focus on any one thing I can't find the file. I just have way too many hobbies and I have let some of them go by the way side, like stained glass, cross stitch, candy making, plaster painting, candle making, crocheting, knitting and I am sure there are others that I have forgotten all about. The bad thing is I still make soap and body products, work on family history, sew (not very often), and take pictures and with doing so many things it is very hard to be a "master of one". I think I just want to know how to do everything. Hum, is it pride or boredom that causes one to want to know everything? I also look up history a lot on the net.

How did I get into all of that just by wanting to post some pictures of fog?

Here are the pictures:

This is my back yard. Can you see the fog floating around?

That is the area of my once frozen sewer. It is running nicely now. Thank you very much.

This is across the road from me. The road was too ice for me to cross it without falling on my butt so, being the chicken I am I stayed safely in my yard and snapped way. Neighbors were driving past me giving me a little wave kind of like they didn't know if they should acknowledge me standing there taking pictures of nothing. lol

Hey, can you see the cow standing in the fog next to the tree? I think it was getting ready to start charging me for being a model so I moved on

to the corn fields behind me. Can you see the mouse? Just kidding. I'm sure there's one there somewhere but I bet he's snug in his little home with the wife and kids around a little fire place eating lots and lots of corn.


Anne-Marie said...

My favorite photo is the one in your backyard with the lone tree. It looks so stoic yet majestic out there, in the cold, white foggy night.

Body Natural Soap said...

Beautiful Pictures. I love winter pictures and I love Snow but I don't like beings cold.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I think the photos are beautiful. I don't see anything like that around me! :) Thank you for the nice comment. I am feeling quite sore tonight which is a downer for New Year's Eve .... but my relief more than makes up for that! I hope you have a wonderful, healthy, 2009!