Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

Oh, Man, have I been sick! It is just a cold but even with all the medicine my doctor loaded me up on I still had four very bad days.

Let me start with Wednesday. My work week starts on Thursday and I work every other Sunday. On my weeks that I have Sunday off I try to sign up to work on Wednesday if they need help. I was lucky and they needed me to work. I was starting to feel ill at that time. Once I got to work it turned out that they didn't need any extra people but they weren't ready to send anyone home yet. I asked the boss when he planned on letting someone go home because I was getting sick and wanted to try to see the doctor. He was very understanding and told me he would have someone there to take my place right away and he did and I got an appointment and a shot, 2 pills and nose spray! With as sick as I ended up being I am so grateful to have been able to see the doctor and get started on the meds so soon.

Then on Thursday we had snow on the ground and then got lots of ice on top of it. Snow under ice is so much better than snow on top of ice because you can break the ice and get to the snow and be able to walk, but still, ice is not good. Five miles of the road that I drive home on is called a "roller coaster" road and there is no way around it for me. I live on that road. Everyone, including me, was worried about me driving on that road and if I would make it home or not. I was thinking I might need to get a room at the motel but I really couldn't afford it so I was going to try to go home. When I got to my car my son's best friend was sitting in his truck parked length wise in front of my car waiting for me to tell me to spend the night at his house. I gladly followed him home. He even scraped the half inch of ice off of my windows! When we got to his house his poor wife was laying on the couch, sick. I have stayed at their house before and I know I am welcome but it has been a few years since I have needed to. He and I used to work together but I went to a different department and I now work different days and hours than he does but he worked that night and decided to leave three hours early in order to catch me. They gave me their son's room to sleep in and they woke him up and had him sleep on the couch. The only thing he asked was if school was called off and it was and he was happy. His room is decorated in Red and blue for the Cardinals and his collection is displayed in a case that his dad built for him and it was awesome. In fact their whole house is awesome. They also have a little girl that is so cute she is going to be a heart breaker. I worry about my grandsons..... lol. They have 2 very well behaved dogs that my very unbehaved dogs need to take lessons from. When I got up they made coffee for me and we had breakfast and visited and I didn't want to leave to go to work! They told me to come when ever I wanted and that I am welcome to wake them up and spend the night any time I don't think I can make it home. I really love them!

Friday I started to feel sick but I worked the whole night. It wasn't good because one of my friends got on my nerves and she got abused by me most of the night. It was awful. When I am sick I seem to want to fight. When I'm not sick I see things a lot differently. I will apologize to her when we go back to work. She knows that I am not like this usually so I am sure she has already forgiven me. People were telling me not to go home that night but I hate to be away from home so I tried it anyway. The roads were covered but had been treated so I made it home. I couldn't get into my driveway though. I thought that since I couldn't get into my driveway I would just go to my other driveway and drive across my yard and park in front of my house on the yard. No problem. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't even drive on my yard the snow and ice were so thick. So, I backed out of there and just parked in the road in front of my driveway. Getting to the house was hard to do too because I have to go up a hill and I had to step very hard to break through the ice for each step and make sure that I wasn't still standing on a sheet of ice. I made it in the house and my doggies were very excited to see me. I always leave them with lots of food and water just in case I can't make it home.

On Saturday we had to do "clean up" and I was very, very sick by then. I thought about calling in but I thought we would be able to get it done quickly and get out. The roads were covered again but had been treated so I didn't have any trouble. It turned out that we had to do a lot of extra cleaning and I wasn't doing well being around all of the fumes so the boss let me go home. When I got home I wasn't able to do anything but sleep.

Sunday, sleep and eat anything in sight. When I am sick I never feel full and I just want to eat and eat and eat (that is when I am not sleeping). I had made some of my chicken hominy soup and it was good.

Monday, still sick. Waiting for my new Nikon D40 camera to be delivered by UPS but I was afraid that the roads were too bad for him to get here. He didn't show up.

Tuesday, feeling much better. Yeah! I realize that I need to go to the grocery store for a few things and worry about the UPS man arriving before I get back. Ran into a neighbor and we visited for awhile and when I got home there was a note on my door! It had a phone number on it and I called and asked if I could meet the driver someplace and get my package. The lady in the office called him and he called me back and we made arrangements for me to pick my package up at a store about 10 miles away. He laughed and told me if I wanted he could bring it to me on Wednesday and I told him "No way!" I wanted that package. He told me that the reason I didn't get it on Monday was because it had been on the wrong truck. I trust UPS to deliver to me but I can't get FedEx to come out here without lots of calls and actually filing a complaint or two. I guess I am at the end of his route and he doesn't want to come out here. When I was talking to my neighbor he was telling me that another neighbor was waiting for a package from FedEx and they asked him to come an pick it up, the drive is over an hour away! Crazy FedEx people. Well, back to my camera. I love it and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for one.

Today, I am making lots of candy for my family and friends. Anyway, that is what I have planned.... If I hadn't been sick all of this candy would have been made already. Tonight I will be visiting with some of my neighbors and for Christmas I will be going up to visit my sons.

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