Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!!

I hope that all of you have the best year ever!

Today is a nice sunny but very cold day here in Missouri but I am so happy that there isn't any snow on the ground!

Last night I tried to watch "Red Dawn" from NETFLIX but the disc was so scratched that it wouldn't play. I went online and told them about it and they are sending me a fresh copy as soon as they can. I really like NETFLIX and I'm so glad that my oldest son talked me into it. I only get one channel out here in the country and it can get a bit boring. Sometimes there are two other channels I can get in but they are pretty fuzzy at best when they do. Renting movies from town is a mess because it is 50 miles round trip and I really don't like the late return fees at all. This isn't a paid advertisement at all. Just wanting to share a good thing with you.

Another good thing I would like to share with you is my love for Sees Candies!!! I grew up in Southern California and Sees Candies was the only boxed candy that we had in our house. We were poor so we didn't have it often but we always had it at Christmas. Friends and Family all knew and shared our love for Sees and if they would buy it for us. Then when I got older I found that I could go to the store and just buy a few pieces and it didn't cost so much (at one time) plus they gave you a FREE piece! Now, that's how to do business! The free one would be what they had on special and if you hadn't tried it before, what a great way of finding out if you like it or not! I grew up on "Nuts and Chews" and thought that the "Cream Centers" were yucky (because that is what Mom thought) but, when I was able to pick them out myself I found that my favorite was the "Cream Centers" and although I have always liked the milk chocolate the best the dark chocolate was perfect on certain flavors. I love, love, love, Sees Candies!!!!


Twenty Four At Heart said...

I am related to the See's family. I blame my See's candy addiction on the fact that See's "is in my blood". I have a box sitting on my counter right now and I'm trying to resist ... because it is January 1st and I've already had far too many pieces of See's candy this holiday season. Sadly, See's is a huge holiday tradition (of course!) for our family. It's the best!

Enchanted said...

I am so envious of you for many reasons! I would be in heaven if I was related to the See's family! I don't remember the last time I had a box of See's but I know it was before I moved out here to Missouri the last time which was about 12 years ago.
When I got here people told me that there was a candy shop like See's here but it only "looked" like See's with the black and white. I only had to look at the candy and know that they didn't know what they were talking about.
I really miss See's.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I love See's too, but lately I'm more a Lindt Swiss Chocolate Girl. ;)