Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter is here!

This morning I woke up to our first snow of the Winter and I grabbed my coat and camera and took some pictures of it. I know that in a few months seeing snow won't be exciting but, this is the FIRST snow. It has to be kind of exciting. Doesn't it? One reason I am happy for it is because it fell on my day off and I get to enjoy it and only go outside if I want to, and I wanted to in order to take these pictures. I am pretty sure that my neighbors feel I am a bit "off" anyway but the ones that drove by while I was outside snapping pictures of the trees and such probably are pretty sure of it now. Last Sept. I took a bunch of pictures of the flood we had and one of the men asked me, "Were you afraid you wouldn't remember it?" So, I guess that kind of sums up what the others are thinking too but are too nice to say it to my face. I don't mind. I enjoy taking pictures and I hope that other people like to see them too. So all of that being said, here they are:

This one shows how much snow is on my porch rail. It is a heavy wet snow and I don't think it will last long but I was really cold when I came back in. Gloves would have been a good thing but it is hard to take pictures with gloves on. I also took pictures with my 35mm film camera. My uncle was a hobby photographer and won lots of awards for his slides. I am in the process of scanning some of his slides onto my computer and I am amazed at how awesome his work is. It is too bad he isn't still with us to see what technology will let us do now.


Body Natural Soap said...

Beautiful Pictures. We haven't any snow yet. Last year I got all the good deals on black friday because of the snow.

By the way I like your web site and love the salt bars. Really colorful

Marc said...

Gawd I hate snow. But nice pic's anyway. Build a bon fire and sit in the snow sipping on a glass of wine and I guess it isn't so bad. LOL

Anne-Marie said...

Aw, nice! We're still rainy or dry around here with nary a sign of snow. It's remarkably warm for winter - high 30s during the day - which is nice but it makes me wonder.