Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Welcome to my new blog.
In this blog you will hear about my soap making and whatever else is going on in my life. It won't be easy on the easily bored. Only read if you don't mind mindless rambling and bad spelling and grammar. I do use spell check but, if I have used the wrong word and spelled it right poor little spell check won't catch it.
I am a grandma living in the middle of nowhere in Missouri so you might end up hearing about deer, skunks, possum, raccoons and of course dogs (mine) and the soap I am making or trying to make.
Come with me on my journey or don't. It's up to you. I won't try to make you feel guilty or anything. I mean, it's not like I'm related to you and you should support my tiny effort to entertain my tiny family of readers. No. It's ok. Really. Go on. Shoo.
Oh, are you still here? OHHH! You really were my favorite! ~~~ HUGS ~~~~


Anonymous said...

I am sooo very sorry. I posted my entry under the wrong post. I wanted it here and I posted it under delivered.


Theresa said...


I just love your soaps and have for years now....The knlowge that you have with the product you use to make the soaps and the Love that you put in each on it shows in the final product. I have looked all over CA and Have not seen soaps that are as beautiful as the soaps you make....Keep up the Great Work and looking forward to your next Enchanted Hills Creations