Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Packaging soap

Tonight I am busy watching Dancing with the Stars and packaging soap to go to the store. I really should have had all of this done a long time ago but I can always find an excuse not to. Hum... like right now, I am writting talking about doing it instead of taking care of it.

I will be taking in some of the regulars and some of the new soaps. I hope she likes them. She always likes what I bring her so why do I worry? I really, really need to fix her up with lotion too.

Tomorrow I will be helping my best friend get ready for Thanksgiving dinner at her house. She has a large wonderful family that I really enjoy being around. They are a bunch of silly people that really don't care what others might say about them.

Here are some pictures of the soaps I am working on tonight.

This one had a big surprise of a flower on two of the soaps. The others are pretty but they don't have a flower.

This one my DIL thought looked like cheese cake!


Body Natural Soap said...

Very nice. Don't you just love those wonderful surprises.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I love these pix of your soap. They are so pretty and festive! :) Heather

Helen said...

That flower soap is just lovely and so very creative. So pretty and the cheesecake-alikey looks yummy :o)