Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You're looking for WHO?

I got a phone call today that really blew me away. When I answered the phone I could tell that it was one of the computer generated calls because at first there wasn’t anyone there. I considered hanging up but then I thought well, why not find out what they want. I figured it was a survey or something. Imagine my surprise when they asked for my second ex-husband (I have been married and divorced 3 times). The man on the phone was just as confused as I was when I explained to him that I have not seen the man since our divorce in ’85. He asked if I knew if he was still in New Mexico and I told him that the last time I saw him was in California and I don’t know if he had moved back to New Mexico (where he was from) or not. He told me he will take my phone number off of the list and I told him thank you. Of course, the “thank you” wasn’t just for taking my name off of the list but also for letting me know that he has someone looking so hard for him that they would call me. Just makes me want to dance.

Can you imagine having a bill collector call your ex looking for you? How fucking embarrassing! I wish I did have his phone number so I could call him and rub it in! “Hey, dirt bag, I bet you can’t guess who called me today!” When we split up I told him to come with me to the bank and I’ll give him half of what was in the account. He came and got the money and I was proud of myself for not grabbing it all for myself. It wasn’t until I got the bank statement that I found out that he had already raided the account and I had given him half of the measly amount that he had left me. I am so stupid! It took 24 years but now I feel he has gotten some of what he deserves.

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Crazy Momma said...

Sounds like a winner, that one...ugh! Exes. Can't live with 'em (which is why you leave 'em) and they haven't made it legal (yet) to kill 'em...