Thursday, May 14, 2009

Missouri Tornadoes

I'm going to apologise right away for the bad pictures but I had to take them from my car. Lucky for me the traffic was very congested so we were moving slowly. I was only able to point and shoot though as we were crawling along and I was driving and alone. These are new very expensive homes across from the Jim Robertson's new car dealership.
I don't know how many houses were destroyed or damaged but it is very bad. The utility company was putting up new posts and lines but I was too close to be able to get a good picture. I guess I could have tried to take pictures out of my windshield but it is so dirty I didn't think anything would have showed but the dirt.

These are cars from the dealership. Their windows are broken out. They had been blown all out into the road but when I got there they had be moved back to the lot.

Their sign is gone and one of their lights is leaning.

A lot of Maytag's windows were blown out and the power lines are laying down in their parking lot.
They are saying that we lost 3 people in this storm and when I went to Wal-Mart I saw quite a few tears. I am just so very thankful that it missed me and my friends and family and my thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been involved in this tragedy.

I drove by my work and everything looks normal there and the parking lot is full so I still have a job!


madpiano said...

I am glad you didn't get hit by these tornados. Thankfully we don't get them here in London.
But explain to me why these houses are so expensive ? They are just wood and cardboard ? No bricks or steel anywhere ? Developers in the US must make an absolute fortune...

Enchanted said...

You are so right about our houses. Some of those houses had some brick but I think just for decoration. No steel usually.

From what I understand those homes are worth from $500,000 and up.

Most of the town is low to medium income so those homes are mansions to us.