Friday, April 10, 2009

Paul Revere.....where are you???

While driving home from work this morning (I get off work at midnight) I heard on the radio that someone in these United States is trying to get a 10 % tax added to soda pop in order to slow peoples intake of soda and all the sugar in it. They seem to think that the drinking of soda pop is what is making our children and adults fat and that by taxing it I guess they think we will lose weight. It started with tobacco and now there are a lot less smokers. So it shows that putting a large tax on something will get people to stop buying it. Of course, there was also the new laws banning smoking anywhere on the planet but we'll let them think it all had to do with taxes. So, now in order to make us healthier they want to take away our soda pop (Ha! We'll show them, we'll drink sweet tea! No huge tax on tea! Paul Revere and his group put a stop to that a long time ago)(Yes, I am a big fan of Paul Revere and the Raiders but this isn't the group I am talking about right now. OK?). Now, back to my rambling.
We are still getting fat so next they will want to tax our Little Debbie's snack cakes. Well, ok, we all learn how to make cake at home and we don't have to buy snack cakes. So now we are happy at home smoking our cigarettes, drinking sweet tea, eating home made cake and still getting fat. They see that their high tax plan isn't working so they decide that since we are still eating and drinking stuff that makes us fat they will tax our sugar, flour and eggs. When all of the huge taxes on our food doesn't stop us from gaining weight where will it end?
Any bets that they weigh us and make us pay a "Fat Tax" every year?

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